What is Nano Silver?

Nanosilver is used in a variety of consumer products, ranging from clothing, linens, plastics to sprays. One nanoparticle can be 1 to 100nm in size and contain several silver atoms or ions. Because silver is a natural element it is a safe alternative to other odor-eliminating products – some of which use harsh chemicals to eliminate odors.

SRP SilverClean utilizes a patented nanosilver technology called SilverClean Technology.  The nano-silver will continuously release a low level of silver ions, which will effectively suffocate a bacterium and deprive it of its essential life-sustaining processes. In eradicating the bacteria on the material, odors caused by this bacteria will be removed. SRP SilverClean products safely eliminate odor-causing bacteria and provide antimicrobial protection to the product.