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Have You Needed To Get Rid Of Odor in Your Life? Now Is Your Chance.

Now is the perfect time to finally try out our odor-free socks.  The weather is getting warmer, which means your body is subject to higher temperatures.  Sweating is inevitable (especially in Louisiana where we are located).   Sweating is the perfect condition for bacteria to thrive, which causes odor.  Imagine socks that will never stink and you can wear for days and days without washing them. It’s true.

“I actually wore my socks for two weeks without washing them.  I ran, worked out, wore them to the grocery store, around the house and to work.  I finally had to wash them. But only because of the thought of wearing socks I hadn’t washed in awhile creeped me out,” says our very own Director of Marketing, Katy W.

Our socks are manufactured with a patented process, SilverClean Technology, that incorporates nanosilver into the product.  This allows the nanosilver to stay in place for the life time the product, even after washing dozens of times.  Our products have been ASTM tested and proven effective against athlete’s foot, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli.   So why not try our odor-fighting, nanosilver socks?

Now through April 15, 2016 receive free shipping on all orders over $15.  That’s right, we said FREE SHIPPING!   Use promo code: FREESHIP when you checkout.

SRP SilverClean Free Shipping

E&P Magazine Features SRP SilverClean for Uses in Oil & Gas

SRP SilverClean is thrilled to be featured in the February 2016 issue of E&P Magazine.  E&P Magazine is a publication centered around exploration, drilling and production operations managers, onshore and offshore operations around the world.  The initial market that was introduced to SRP SilverClean’s odor-free and antimicrobial products was the oil and gas industry back in 2014.  Since then, they have expanded into remediation and construction industries, as well as hunting and fishing.
E&P featured SRP SilverClean for its product uses in the oil and gas industry.  More specifically the antimicrobial and odor protection for clothing.  Read the excerpt below.

Odor Free Products for Oil and GasAntimicrobial and odor protection for clothes, equipment 
Microbes such as bacteria and fungi thrive in moist conditions like boots, gloves or under work uniforms. Commonly found microbes on industrial sites or in industrial living quarters include athlete’s foot, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli. SRP SilverClean uses its patented SilverClean technology to provide antimicrobial and odor protection to socks, t-shirts and towels. This is accomplished by harnessing the antimicrobial power of nano silver. SilverClean products continuously kill microbes at the source and are ideal when laundering services aren’t readily available or when working in unsanitary conditions.

Excerpt from “A Safe License To Operate”, E&P Magazine, February 2016

View the entire article here.

SilverArmor Encapsulant & Primer Will Be Introduced at the Build Expo in Dallas

Mold Remediation Tear OutSRP SilverClean will introduce their encapsulant and primer product, SilverArmor, to mold remediation and water damage restoration contractors at the Build Expo in Dallas, Texas. They will be joining over 100 exhibitors showcasing their products and services to meet the needs of contractors.

SilverArmor is an encapsulant and primer that inhibits fungal growth and odor-causing bacteria on applied surfaces through use of nanosilver. This product is treated with the patented SilverClean Technology, which uses the natural antimicrobial properties of silver. This product was developed with feedback from restoration contractors, industrial hygienists and toxicologists.

Why use SilverArmor? The product can be easily applied with most spray equipment, including airless tips as small as .18, has a no-clog formula and dries quickly with no off-gassing. Plus, SilverArmor has been proven highly effective and beat out leading brands when it comes to inhibiting bacterial growth.

Want to see test results for yourself? Visit Booth 418 for a FREE Informational Kit.SilverArmor Encapsulant and Primer Sealer, 5 Gallon

SRP SilverClean – Booth 418
Dallas Build Expo
March 9 & 10
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center
Dallas, Texas

SRP SilverClean Heads to Nashville to Keep Hunting Odor Free at the NWTF Convention

SRP SilverClean is excited to be joining the NWTF Convention in Nashville.  They are joining over 600 exhibitors to show off the newest and greatest products and technologies in the hunting industry.  SRP SilverClean will be showcasing their revolutionary odor-free socks, multi-purpose towels you never have to wash, laundry bags that contain odors and the versatile SilverZone Spray: Odor Control for Hunting.

SilverClean products harness the natural anti-odor properties of nano silver to provide antimicrobial and odor protection to the product.  That’s why you can wear hunting socks multiple times without washing!  Sounds gross right?  The nano silver continuously eliminates odor-causing bacteria, even while you are wearing the socks.  Need odor control for your hunting jackets or boots?  No worries! The SilverZone Spray for Hunters is ideal to use for eliminating the human odor.  No harsh chemicals are used so it is safe to use around children and pets.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience nanotechnology for hunting! Stay up to date with SilverClean news on Facebook & Twitter! #KeepHuntingOdorFree #NWTFShow

SRP SilverClean – Booth 1224
NWTF Convention
February 11-14
Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center
Nashville, Tennessee

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If You’re Going to Give the Gift of Socks, Make Sure They Are Odor-Free!

How many of you received the classic pack of white socks from Santa, Auntie or Grandma? We have! While the gesture is much appreciated and the socks are useful as they replace old, worn out socks, they are still socks. Plain, white, same old socks.

What if there were improved, way cooler socks out there? There are! Nowadays, socks have all sorts of features ranging from better insulation to new technologies eliminating odor and getting rid of moisture.

So what is the coolest thing about our socks? They won’t stink!  We promise!

Here’s Why SilverCleanTM Socks Are the Ideal Gift:

  • Fights Odors. You don’t have to wash our socks. Our odor-free sockwear uses our patented  SilverClean Technology to continuously kill odor-causing bacteria with nano-silver.
  • Extra Durability. With reinforced toe and heel, these socks are built for maximum performance.  Plus, the no-slip lip design keeps the socks in place all day long. No need to keep adjusting the socks or have your shoes rub the back of your heel. Need extra warmth? We got you covered. Try out the Wool Boot Socks made with Merino Wool, which are perfect for hunters or someone who works outdoors.
  • Extremely Comfortable. Made with a cotton/poly/spandex blend, our Odor-Free Socks are extremely soft, not itchy or irritating. Even the wool socks are soft and comfortable!
  • The “Cool” Factor. These aren’t just any socks. These odor-fighting, moisture wicking socks are packed with bacteria eliminating nano-silver. There is ACTUAL nanotechnology happening in these socks–at all times! We call this SilverClean Technology. This patented technology infuses nano silver into the sock. Nano silver is bonded to the fabric to provide antimicrobial and odor protection to the sock for the lifetime of the sock.  Cool, right?

We have a variety of sockwear styles to suit anyone’s needs. The tactical style Work Boot Sock is great to wear with steel-toe boots or when you need extra durability while working. The Merino Wool sock is great for wintertime, especially when hunting, hiking or working outside. If you need everyday odor control, the Everyday Wear Socks are ideal to wear with athletic shoes or around the house. The styles of Everyday Socks available are No Show, and Crew. Available in Women’s & Men’s sizes.

SRP SilverClean Chosen to Join POP UP 2015

SHREVEPORT, LA – SRP SilverClean is thrilled to announce that they will be one of the exclusive companies to participate in POP UP 2015.   This years’ POP UP 2015 in Downtown Shreveport is set to include unique small businesses in the Shreveport/Bossier area. For those of you not aware of POP UP, this project aims to support existing and start-up small companies, while enhancing the appeal of downtown Shreveport. POP UP 2015 will kickoff on Small Business Saturday, November 28 at 9 AM with a special flapjack feast! Special events will also be held throughout the duration of POP UP.

All of our products harness the natural anti-odor powers of silver to provide antimicrobial and odor protection to the product.   Our patented SilverClean Technology incorporates nano silver into the fibers of the fabric, which means that the silver will stay in the item for the lifetime of the product, even after multiple washes.

We will have a variety of odor-free sockwear, multi-purpose towels and tees, as well as a versatile odor-eliminating spray that can be used on most surfaces and fabrics. Our products are ideal for hunting outside activities, at work and at home.

Be sure to visit SRP SilverClean starting November 28 through December 19 in Downtown Shreveport at Artspace, 710 Texas Street. SRP SilverClean will have in-store specials for holiday shopping.

Tues-Sat, 11 am-6 pm
Thursdays, 11 am- 9 pm (open later for special events)
Closed Sunday & Monday.

Visit Shreveport Downtown Development Authority for more information about POP UP.

For more information visit SRP SilverClean here or follow SRP SilverClean on Facebook and twitter for up-to-date information.

Dual Purpose SilverArmor Encapsulant & Primer Sealer Can Be Tinted

SilverArmor is a great product to use as an encapsulant for mold remediation and water damage projects. Through the use of nano silver, SilverArmor is highly effective in inhibiting mold and odor-causing bacterial growth on applied surfaces.

However, SilverArmor can be used for a different purpose—interior wall paint and primer. The antimicrobial base coat is ideal to use in areas where moisture is more prevalent, like in a kitchen or bathroom. Or in areas where odor and bacteria are commonly found, like in hospitals or children’s rooms.

What makes SilverArmor even better?

The most common question from clients is “Can SilverArmor be tinted?”  Well we’ve put SilverArmor to a yet another test, and SilverArmor never fails.   SilverArmor can be tinted to accommodate the aesthetics of any interior room.

A painter used SilverArmor as a primer in a home that is prone to moisture and mold growth. The painter actually chose to tint the paint so the desired final coat color could be achieved.   SilverArmor was successfully tinted to a dark beige/tan color.

Watch SilverArmor in action. You’ll be able to tell the color difference.

4 Ways to Stay Odor Free on the Job Site

SRP SilverClean has quite a few friends and customers in the oil & gas and construction Odor-Free Industrial Workwear
industries that use SilverClean products.  If you work outside or in the field, odor is inevitable. You get sweaty and smelly, regardless of the temperature outside.

Here are 4 Ways SilverClean Can Help You Stay Odor Free on the Job

  • Stinky Boots. Work boots are not very friendly to your feet. Most work boots don’t allow your feet to breathe. The environment in your sweaty boots is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. There are plenty of odor-eliminating products out there ranging from insoles to powders to sprays. Use our SilverZone Odor Eliminating to safely eliminate odors at the source. The nano silver attacks and kills odor-causing bacteria within minutes of applying the spray. For heavy odors, a second application may be required. We also recommend using our odor-free socks. All of our sockwear is infused with nano silver, which provides antimicrobial protection to the sock.
  • Smelly Hard Hats. How many times do you take off your hard hat and immediately wish you hadn’t? While the hard hat liner provides comfort, it also provides odor! Simply spray the SilverZone Odor Eliminating Spray once or twice a week.
  • Sweating on the Job. Whether working outside, golfing or working out, you will most likely need a towel of some sort to wipe away sweat. Not all towels are the same. The SilverTowel will always be ready to use when you need it most. There is no need to wash the towel after every use (unless it comes in contact with dirt or debris). The SilverClean Technology used in our towels continuously releases nano silver ions to provide odor and antimicrobial protection to the towel. What this means is that the towel is constantly “cleaning” itself and getting rid of bacteria.
  • Reeking Coveralls. Sometimes it’s not always convenient to wash your work coveralls or uniforms. Use our SilverZone Odor Eliminating spray after work to get rid of odors. SilverZone is even safe to use on FR clothing. The ingredients used will not affect the FR properties. Or try the SilverT, a comfortable, odor-eliminating t-shirt. Made with 100% cotton, this tee is great to wear as a base layer underneath work uniforms. Essentially the SilverT will kill odors before they reach the coveralls or uniforms.

All of our SilverClean products can be used in a variety of ways, not just for work purposes.   Use SilverClean at home, while hunting or fishing, during sports activities and much more.

Stay Odor Free This Hunting Season

Hunting season is right around the corner. Stocking up on deer corn, setting up stands, making sure all cameras have fresh batteries are all part of the pre-season to-do list. What about scent control? Sure you have that left over, half-filled bottle of spray that kills your scent. But how does it really work? There are some great products out there for hunters. What if you could find a product to kill odors at the source, guaranteed?

Well, that’s what SilverClean is all about: Untraceable, Undetectable, Unstoppable Odor Protection. As people have started using SilverClean products, we found that hunters love our stuff!

Here’s what hunters are using:

  • SilverZone Odor Eliminating Spray For Hunting: The versatile odor eliminating spray is ideal to use on hunting jackets, coveralls, boots and hats. SilverZone is scientifically proven to kill odor-causing bacteria through use of nano silver. When applied onto surfaces, the nano silver releases tiny little ions that attack and kill the odor-causing bacteria.   Most hunters wear their hunting clothes day after day without washing mainly because the detergent smells can alert wild game to your whereabouts.  So naturally, your unwashed hunting clothes will get smelly. Spray SilverZone on them and you’ll be good to go. Plus, SilverZone is perfect to use when you go from work straight to the deer stand. You can apply the spray at anytime, anywhere.
  • Merino Wool Odor-Free Socks: Every hunter needs a pair of amazing socks. Merino Wool is that magical material that provides extra warmth and naturally wicks moisture away. There are a lot of different versions of merino wool socks out on the market to choose from. Our patented SilverClean technology infuses nano silver into the merino wool sock to kill odors and provide antimicrobial protection to the sock. These socks are perfect for hunting at 6 am in crisp 20-degree weather.
  • SilverT: Use the SilverT as a base layer under your hunting clothes. Wearing our comfortable, cotton tee, infused with nano silver is a sure way to eliminate human odor. Again, most hunters wear the same clothes when at the deer lease for the weekend. The SilverT “self-cleans” because the nano silver constantly releases ions to kill odor and bacteria. The SilverClean technology used in our textiles has even been scientifically proven to kill harmful bacteria like E. coli and even staph.

So as you prepare for hunting season this year, think about how you plan to control and kill odor.   Don’t miss out on that trophy buck because you smell like you.

7 Reasons SilverArmor Is Ideal for Mold Remediation

We have created SilverArmorTM to meet the needs of restoration and remediation contractors.  Our product design team includes restoration contractors, industrial hygienists and toxicologists.  They have developed a product that is easy to apply, economical and provides protection from fungal and bacterial growth.  Laboratory testing has proven that SilverArmorTM is superior to other similar products in applications and microbial growth prevention.

Why SilverArmorTM?

  1. Effectively Inhibits Mold and Bacterial Growth
  2. Uses Anti-Odor Properties
  3. No-Clog Formula
  4. Easily Applied with Most Spray Equipment, Including Airless Tips as Small as .18
  5. High Coverage Area
  6. Quick Dry Time
  7. No Off Gassing, Virtually Odorless

SilverArmor Encapsulant and Primer Sealer, 5 GallonSilverArmorTM is the ideal encapsulant for disaster restoration projects.   Apply this high performance antimicrobial coating as a preventative measure to inhibit mold and odor-causing bacteria growth on applied surfaces. This product is treated with SilverCleanTM Technology, which uses the natural antimicrobial properties of silver to provide antimicrobial and odor protection to the applied surfaces.

Interested in giving it a try? Feel free to call us directly at (318) 222-2364 with questions or visit us online.