Have You Needed To Get Rid Of Odor in Your Life? Now Is Your Chance.

Now is the perfect time to finally try out our odor-free socks.  The weather is getting warmer, which means your body is subject to higher temperatures.  Sweating is inevitable (especially in Louisiana where we are located).   Sweating is the perfect condition for bacteria to thrive, which causes odor.  Imagine socks that will never stink and you can wear for days and days without washing them. It’s true.

“I actually wore my socks for two weeks without washing them.  I ran, worked out, wore them to the grocery store, around the house and to work.  I finally had to wash them. But only because of the thought of wearing socks I hadn’t washed in awhile creeped me out,” says our very own Director of Marketing, Katy W.

Our socks are manufactured with a patented process, SilverClean Technology, that incorporates nanosilver into the product.  This allows the nanosilver to stay in place for the life time the product, even after washing dozens of times.  Our products have been ASTM tested and proven effective against athlete’s foot, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli.   So why not try our odor-fighting, nanosilver socks?

Now through April 15, 2016 receive free shipping on all orders over $15.  That’s right, we said FREE SHIPPING!   Use promo code: FREESHIP when you checkout.

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