SilverClean™ Technology

Silver: A Proven Antimicrobial and Odor Eliminating Agent

Silver is used as an antimicrobial agent and has been proven highly effective in over 600 bacteria, fungi and viruses. Research shows that silver has been used for centuries to protect against odor and illness. Over the last few decades nano silver technology has been introduced into a variety of consumer products, ranging from medical devices to textiles.

How does SILVERCLEAN™ Technology work?

Our patented SilverClean™ Technology provides antimicrobial and odor protection to each product.  Nano-silver is infused into our textiles at a molecular level, meaning that the nano-silver is bonded to the fabric and will never fall out.  The nano-silver used in our  SilverClean™ Technology will last the entire lifetime of the product, wash after wash.

Moisture activates the silver particles which continuously releases antimicrobial silver ions. The silver ions bind to bacteria proteins and eradicate odor-causing bacteria and fungus.